2 out of 3 Rutgers students stop at 3 drinks or fewer
1 in 5 don't drink at all!



The purpose of the "RU SURE? Changing the Culture of College Drinking" project is to correct first-year students' misperceptions of excessive drinking as a norm. This project was initially funded by a grant from the US Department of Education Safe and Drug Free Schools Program and grants from the New Jersey Higher Education Consortium on Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Education.


The specific goals of the project are to: 

  • decrease misperceptions of dangerous drinking and increase the number of students who are able to accurately report the percentage of students who engage in dangerous drinking

  • reduce the percentage of first-year students who drink dangerously

  • create an on going community coalition committed to reducing dangerous drinking


2 out of 3 Rutgers students stop at 3 drinks or fewer

More than 1 in 5 don't drink at all


Media Campaign

Data collected from the Personal Report of Student Perceptions (PRSP) survey was used to determine healthy, alcohol-related, normative behaviors of Rutgers students. Campaign messages have been created to disseminate information about normative drinking-related behaviors. Undergraduate students in an Advanced Health Communication course participate in message creation, testing, refinement and dissemination.