In the Fall of 1997, Rutgers Communication faculty members Linda Lederman and Lea Stewart worked with Lisa Laitman, Fern Goodhart, and Richard Powell, health educators and substance abuse counselors from Rutgers Health Services to create the Communication and Health Issues Partnership for Education and Research which soon became the Center for Communication and Health Issues (CHI). Building on ten years of previous qualitative study of student alcohol use at Rutgers, we began by collecting baseline quantitative data and designing and implementing evidence-based prevention programs based on our continuing data collection efforts. 

CHI members participate in a comprehensive environmental management approach to reducing dangerous drinking among our students. 

CHI members came together initially to study dangerous drinking on the campus and design education and treatment programs addressing issues of alcohol use among college students. We have also conducted research on cigarette smoking and nicotine addiction as well as participated in projects to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of in-person and online brief intervention.

For more information on CHI and our work, see Linda C. Lederman and Lea P. Stewart's Changing the Culture of College Drinking (Hampton Press, 2005).