Changing the Culture of College Drinking

Reducing dangerous drinking on college campuses has received a great deal of attention from prevention specialists, researchers, and college health professionals. A variety of efforts have focused on the problem. This book describes an innovative way to approach the problem of dangerous drinking among college students and describes an award-winning prevention campaign. 

The RU SURE Campaign is a dangerous drinking prevention campaign developed after a decade of research on alcohol-related behavior at Rutgers. The innovative nature of this campaign combines social norms messages with interpersonally based experiential activities delivered by college students to their peers. In this way, students become the co-creators and carriers of carefully designed prevention messages and, thus, create a more credible campaign for a college audience. It is based on Lederman and Stewart's Socially Situated Experiential Learning (SSEL) Model.

This book describes the development of this campaign including its theoretical framework and innovative design. Suggestions are also given for implementing a similar campaign on other campuses. As a result the volume adds to the work on dangerous drinking prevention on college campuses and creates a safer learning environment for all students.